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South Africa

Bonamanzi Game Reserve

Project Nkosi

Release the Hounds! 

Project Nkosi is part of a project that we are extremely proud to be a part of. Four like minded organisations have come together to help support one of South Africa's national heritage sites and home to 4 of the Big 5, the Bonamanzi Game Reserve. 

The Bonamanzi Ranger and K9 unit will create a new 2 ranger and 2 dogs unit to help support the reserves ongoing fight against wildlife crime. Nkosi will be a part of and play an integral role in this project. Trained as an elite human scent tracking dog Nkosi will help the reserve catch and arrest any would be poachers working alongside the reserves already well established Anti-Poaching unit. 

Nkosi will join Project Dan to create a formidable K9 team that will provide Bonamanzi with an incredible asset that helps to protect their diverse wildlife for many years to come. 


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