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In partnership with The Connected Planet Foundation and The IFPCP

Conservation Club

Siyafunda Ngemvelo - "We Learn in Nature"

Conservation Club

Dogs4Wildlife, Connected Planet and Project Rhino are partnering to deliver a new environmental education programme at the Bonamanzi Wildlife Reserve in the heart of Zululand, South Africa.
The reserve where we have established the Bonamanzi Ranger and K9 unit comprising of the amazing Dogs4Wildlife Nkosi and Dan, two of our elite dogs trained to protect and conserve wildlife.
Launching next month, the pupils at a local primary school; Glen Park Primary School, will get the chance to visit Bonamanzi for the first time to connect with and learn about some of Africa’s most iconic and endangered wildlife. Despite living in close proximity to the reserve, for all the pupils, this will be the first opportunity they have had to visit and experience their local environments diverse and amazing wildlife. 
The first three trips into the reserve will be the launch of an ongoing conservation club at Glen Park, to continue the learning from the trips. Under the guidance of local guide, Wanda, the students will learn everything from species identification, through to ecology and pollution through to climate change.
The aim of both the trips and the following club is to instil a love and passion for nature and wildlife, and grow the next generation of rangers and conservationists.
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Many children in South Africa have never visited a game reserve or National Park before. This is despite lots of them living in close proximity to these incredible places, all over the country. Although tourists come from all over the world to see wildlife such as lions, elephants and rhinos, many South Africans will never get that chance.

Up until now, it has been no different for the pupils at Glen Park Primary School, who live alongside Bonamanzi Game Reserve - a wildlife reserve that is home to 4 of the big 5 and an array of other stunning wildlife.

But how can we expect people to protect what they do not know?

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