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Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa

Project Rhino

Dogs 4 Wildlife Kal

Dogs 4 Wildlife Kal has now been gifted to Project Rhino who support over 30 different and diverse wildlife reserves across the KwaZulu Natal region of South Africa. Project Rhino have a dire task, but are commited and dedicated to conserving wildlife. They cover over 32 Conservancies, Reserves and Parks across KwaZulu Natal, many of which are classified as 'high risk' to their imminent threat of poaching. 

These areas include such reserves as; Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park, Thanda Game Reserve (both are Big 5 areas and over 100,000 hectares between them) and the Zululand Rhino Reserve which includes an rhino orphanage. These areas are vast and the Project Rhino are already stretched to provide enough protection for the wildlife contained within each reserve. That is why the inclusion of another dog, Dogs 4 Wildlife Kal is vital to provide additional on the ground capability to further conserve and protect endangered species. 

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