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South Africa

Bonamanzi Game Reserve

Project Dan



There is an amazing story behind Dogs 4 Wildlife 'Dan'. Around a year ago Dogs 4 Wildlife was contacted by a wonderful women named Caroline Bridle. Caroline saw a social media post on our important work and felt compelled to reach out to us. In 2013, Caroline's son Daniel Bridle, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, just a year later in 2014 Daniel lost his battle and sadly passed away. 

Being a huge animal lover, Caroline could not think of a better way to honour her sons memory than having a specialised dog, trained to protect endangered wildlife. When she told us of Daniel's inspiring story, naming one of our dogs in memory of her son was a fitting tribute to the dedication of Caroline and her family in Daniel's memory and future legacy. 

So far Caroline's commitment to this project has been awe-inspiring, thanks to her fundraising endeavours Dogs 4 Wildlife 'Dan' is fully sponsored and we feel it only a fitting tribute to find a very special conservancy to place Dan to help protect and conserve endangered wildlife, The Bonamanzi Game Reserve in South Africa. 

In loving memory of 'Daniel Bridle'

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